When you open a Tradebank account, there are a number of tools that you can use in order to make your trading experience successful in terms of buying and selling on the network.  All of these tools are included in our fees, there are no extra costs. Below is a list of the tools, just click on a link and it will give you more details.





A broker is assigned to every new account.  They act as a sales rep for you, continually promoting your business to other members of Tradebank in order to build up your TRADEaccount and bring you new incremental business.  They also take on the role of a purchasing agent by working with you to source out products and services that you require in exchange.  Your TRADEbroker is always up-to-date with what's going on in the network and so they are a great source of information and a huge timesaver!  Build a relationship with your broker and watch your bottomline improve.


This is an online, real-time place that Tradebank clients can go to search for other Tradebank clients. There are other tools as well, but the primary purpose of the TRADEdirectory is to bring ideas to the forefront of your mind in order to make trading easier.  You can be listed under multiple categories in the directory and once again, there's no extra cost!



Once you open your account, our in-house graphics team will quickly get to work and design a custom ad so that it can used to promote your business in a number of ways.  They will likely take ideas from your current logo and website and from there you can tweak it so that it sends the exact message you want to the rest of the Tradebank network. 


This is a primary means of communication between us and you once per week via email.  It will keep you in-the-loop as to all the new members who are joining the network, one-of-a-kind items that come up for sale, news on events and promotions, as well as one-time onsite sales.  It contains a lot of great information and will be an invaluable asset to a positive trading experience.  It is not a complete list of what is currently available.


These are basically Tradebank "money".  We currently design, print, sell and distribute TRADEgifts for over 200 of our more retail-type clients.  They can be purchased using TRADEdollars and used for personal benefits, to give away to customers as incentives, to increase staff and client loyalty as well as gifts for friends and family.  If you own a retail or service business, call us to see if you would qualify for our TRADEgifts program.  


Always be on the lookout for the next TRADEpromo.  Normally these would be special one-of-a-kind items, such as a hot tub or car.  We also send out a TRADEpromo to market an onsite sale that one of our clients would like to host so that they can move extra inventory or out-of-season merchandise.  A TRADEpromo will be sent out via our email campaign.  Open an account so you don't miss out on the next big thing from Tradebank!



Tradebank is a network of businesses who are choosing to accept TRADEdollars as a form of payment in order to increase their customer base and attract new clients.  We find that hosting events where Tradebank members can come together and network is a great tool in order to direct traffic in your door. It could be our annual charity golf tournament, a group Christmas party or our annual charity auction. Attending these events will get you noticed and also give you an opportunity to spend your TRADEdollars! Check out our events page to learn more. 






Tradebank has embraced the popularity of social media.  Find us on facebook, follow us on Twitter and check out our YouTube channel as well.  



Tradebank has an in-house video-production studio as well as a dedicated TRADEtv crew that will film at your location.  The purpose of TRADEtv is to advertise your business, and share your success story with others. We want to tell people about your business and how you use Trade. If you would like to participate, contact your TRADEbroker!

Tradebank is all about educating business owners about a better way to buy things.  We do this best by providing our clients access to an orientation video series and either a phone or in-person orientation with their TRADEbroker.  



     Basic Accounting and Taxation for TRADEdollar Transactions

     How to Use TRADEdollars Personally

     Employee Compensation Incentives 

     Exchange unused contra for TRADEdollars

     Budget and On-going Contract Trades

     Utilize Co-op Advertising

     Maximize Vendor Volume Incentives / Commissions

     Accounts Payable Trading

     Accounts Receivable Trading  






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