GROWING TO SERVE YOU BETTER                                                             Feb 20, 2013


Over the past two years we have been expanding and adding more staff to our corporate offices.  Growth is an important part of any business but it’s especially true with regards to ours.  Businesses are constantly joining Tradebank and in an effort to keep up with our growth we have been adding positive, talented, intelligent people to our team.


Many of you will notice that there are several new names and faces within our broker team.  This is because we are dedicated to providing you with a superior trading experience.  It is important to ensure that new clients who join Tradebank receive exceptional customer service and are educated about barter, Tradebank and all the TRADEtools we offer.  We are proud of our broker team and the service they provide, it’s our hope that you are too.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet your TRADEbroker in person please feel free to stop by our offices for an introduction.  


One of the other areas we have been expanding is our corporate sales department.  It is our goal to ensure that our clients have many options for spending their TRADEdollars easily.  In order to reach our goal and help our clients we have invested heavily into the growth of our sales department.  We now have more Account Executives on the road explaining Tradebank to potential businesses than ever before and we hope this excites you as much as it does us.  Why, you ask?  Well, you know that restaurant around the corner from your office?  We’re meeting with them someday soon and it’s our hope that they will be accepting your TRADEdollars in the near future.    


Our team is growing quickly, we have a new client joining Tradebank every single day and we are always looking for good people to join our team and learn how to ThinkTradeFirst. 


If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a member of our team click here.


If you know of a business who could use help filling down time, moving idle inventory or preserving cash flow click here.



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