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Tradebank Foundation of Canada


Tradebank Foundation of Canada


The Tradebank Foundation of Canada and the Tradebank Funds Matching Program was established in June of 2011 and has enjoyed steady growth. In just the first few years, over 60 diverse charities and non-profit organizations across Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan have chosen to partner with us to help save money and continue to make a difference in their communities.  We are excited about the numerous other partnerships that will be formed as we continue to expand Tradebank across Canada and at the same time create awareness about our unique program.

We believe that through the Tradebank Canada network of more than 3,000 businesses and growing, we can help charities, non-profit organizations, private schools, colleges and universities come closer to achieving their goals of impacting the lives of those they serve.

Our mission is to partner with these organizations who choose to think creatively by tapping into our Funds Matching Program so that they can offset costs, thereby stretching their budgets further so that they can accomplish more. 

If you know of a charity/non-profit organization that you wish to receive support from the Tradebank Foundation of Canada please contact our offices and speak with John Porter at ext 224

 If you would like to apply to receive funding from the Tradebank Foundation of Canada please connect with John Porter via email john.porter@tradebank.ca


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