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Where to spend your TRADEdollars - Archives



TAKE A VACATION ON TRADE!                                                                   Feb 20, 2013


You need a vacation!  You work hard and deserve one, right?  Maybe you can’t take two weeks away from your business but you would like to go away with some family or friends for a weekend.  Maybe you could use a night away with your significant other.


No matter what you’re looking for you should speak with your TRADEbroker.  Throughout the year we often have cottages for rent, timeshares available, condos offered by other clients, hotels to stay in and even several bed and breakfasts.


We also have fishing and hunting excursions available for the outdoorsy types.  We even have play and stay packages for those who like golf.  Plus if you want to get away somewhere warm we have some options available in Florida.  Some of those options are even near Disney if you want to get away with the kids.


Don’t want to go away yourself?  Then send a staff member or your in-laws!  What we’re trying to say is that we have options for you  if you’re looking to get away from the office or send someone away for a little R and R.  What better way to use your TRADEdollars?  We don’t have everything but if you let your TRADEbroker know that you want to go away somewhere we will do our best to help.  Call us today and who knows… you might make some of the best memories of your life using your Tradebank account.




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