where to spend your tradedollars - archives

Where to spend your TRADEdollars - archives




WATCH FOR THE TRADEflash & TRADEinsert                                             Feb 6, 2013


 If you’re looking for more ways to spend your TRADEdollars we have the answer, the TRADEflash and the TRADEinsert. The two ways are filled with ideas.

Each week, the TRADEbrokers get together with the creative team to put together a TRADEflash full of new and creative ways to spend your TRADEdollars. The TRADEflash will always contain the newest members, the most recent client offerings, and limited time offers. Make sure you are receiving the
flash once a week via your inbox, and that it is not ending up in your spam or junkmail. If you have any issues with receiving or opening the TRADEflash whatsoever, or would like to participate by placing your ad in the 'flash, please contact your broker today!

The other tool we have for you is our TRADEinsert. Monthly, the Tradebank team gets together to come up with a print version of the TRADEflash. This printed version is filled with the newest members, the most recent client offerings, and limited time offers (just like the flash). The difference is, it’s sent out with your monthly statements instead of emailed to you.

By reading the regular web and print marketing, you can stay on top of all the latest ways to spend your TRADEdollars!

All of our previous TRADEflashes and TRADEinserts can be found on our website under the TRADEflash / TRADEinsert Archives.



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