Some clients participate in one-to-one barter arrangements, (also known as “contra”), with one or more business acquaintances. 

On occasion through these arrangements, gift certificates or credit notes for products and services are acquired that cannot be made use of, at least in the short-term.  We would suggest that you advertise them through the Tradebank network in exchange for TRADEdollars, and when sold, you will now have access to numerous "contra" options instead of just holding onto the credit hoping you will be able to use it at some point in the future. 

Not only is this a good idea for current certificates / contra credit – the same theory can be applied to future credits earned in this fashion.  In fact, this allows you to accept contra in areas where before you would have passed on the deal (even when the customer is not a Tradebank member).  Before accepting any contra, it is recommended that you speak to your TRADEbroker and discuss the potential for sale through the network.  It is important to note that Tradebank cannot be held responsible if the sales anticipated do not materialize.  In some cases, Tradebank may purchase the credit directly from you for re-sale.

Tradebank also suggests consideration be given to moving some or all “contra” arrangements over to Tradebank for management by your TRADEbroker.  Doing so will help track where you stand in these “contra” deals thereby simplifying the process, and freeing up time for more “productive” business activities.


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