Some businesses will have access to co-operative advertising budgets whereby either a manufacturer or franchisor will reimburse all or a portion of any advertising so long as it references a specific product.  If you have access to unused co-operative advertising dollars and you have excess inventory / capacity, it only makes sense to tap into this program.

Using these budgets will allow you to turn your TRADEdollars iinto cash dollars, and increase your advertising exposure. 

Even if your suppliers haven't provided you with a co-op advertising budget in the past, there is no harm in asking them if they would consider supporting your advertising campain in exchange for getting their product front and center.  




A retail store would like to advertise in a local magazine, it would normally cost $3000 CDN for the advertisement.

Instead, they can sell T$3000 worth of paid up inventory to other members of Tradebank (new business) in TRADEdollars, which they can then use to purchase the advertisement, because they will also get a 50% cost share on the ad, they will also obtain a cheque for $1500 from the manufacturer. 

In conclusion, their cash flow has increased by $1500 plus they have additional advertising in circulation to drive more business in the door.

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